Nov 23, 2008

Wedding Cake Cookies

Baking these charming wedding cake cookies will be the easy part. It's the tiny dots that will have you chained in the kitchen from morning till midnight. That's why these would make the perfect bridal shower cookies - 12 or so (as shown here) to impress the girls over buttery French croissants and chamomile tea. Your favorite sugar cookie and royal icing recipes, three sizes of small round cookie cutters and cake decorating bags and tips will be all you need to get the job done. Here is a great step by step tutorial on how to make these stacked wedding cake cookies.

stacked wedding cake cookies

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Nov 13, 2008

Cheap Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Cheap bridesmaid dresses - not in my day, but a new (better) day is dawning. My youngest daughter Danielle was getting married in April on a Saturday morning before noon. Always the thoughtful one, she wanted and needed affordable bridesmaid dresses for her friends - something classic and chic. She found perfectly beautiful black cocktail dresses online at Target for less than $50 each. The girls looked sexy and sensational. Today I found these two styles (among several others) of chiffon bridesmaid dresses at Target online for only $69.99. These are fully lined, machine-washable and available in six popular colors.
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Nov 4, 2008

Black Wedding Gowns

Black wedding gowns - seductive and sensational! We may have a slightly guarded relationship with the women of Paris, but there's no denying they have fun breaking all the rules. It's been said that French women don't even try. Don't try to impress anyone or please anyone or feel pressure to look good. They rise early, wear very little make up and go to clubs to dance, not drink. And it feels like they can eat all the pastry cream filled profiteroles they want without gaining an ounce. Their simple taste in fashion and haute-couture ("high dressmaking") refers to custom-fitted clothing with bold colors, expensive fabric and extreme attention to details, like this elegant black ruffled wedding gown.

black ruffled wedding dress
French Wedding Terms
  • Wedding marriage
  • Bride and groom mariee et marie
  • Mother of the bride mere de la mariee
  • Wedding cake gateau de marriage
  • Photographer photographe
  • Guests invites
  • Bouquet bouquet
  • Wedding veil voile de mariee
  • Vows voeux
  • Flowergirl fille de fleur
  • Centerpieces pieces maitresses
  • Maid of honor bonne d’honneur
  • Bachelor party partie de celibataire
  • Wedding favors faveurs de marriage
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Nov 3, 2008

Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

Beach theme wedding cakes - especially popular here in the resort city of Virginia Beach, with our white sandy beach, free evening concerts ("Symphony by the Sea") and three-mile boardwalk. I invite you to get married on the beach or have your honeymoon here. Try and come before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. Same great weather. Less traffic. Better parking. Cheaper souvenirs. Our well-loved Neptune Festival, Boardwalk Art Show and International Sand Sculpting Championship are all at the end of September. That oceanfront hotel room that went for $179 in July will now be available when the kids go back to school for so much less, you'll be glad you came.

white beach themed wedding cake
 blue ocean themed wedding cake

starfish themed wedding cake

blue and white beach themed cake
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