Aug 25, 2010

Consignment Wedding Dresses

Consignment wedding dresses - there's definitely pros and cons. As the former owner of a consignment formalwear store, I was told my pleasing (but not pushy) sales pitch was what my brides loved best. I enjoyed their visit even if they headed out the door empty handed. So if you welcome another woman's friendly advice, it's definitely something you may want to consider. Smaller bridal store = great customer service. Before you walk in with your wallet, introduce yourself over the phone with these time-saving questions:
  • Are the dresses less than three years old making sure that styles are classy and current?
  • Do the original owners provide date and place of purchase, size and name of the designer?
  • Have your consignment dresses been cleaned and pressed?
  • Are some of these brand new gowns - with the original tags - that were part of another store's inventory?
  • Have alterations been made, especially hem length?
  • What kind of selection do you have in my size and what is the general price range?

consignment wedding dress shop
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Aug 22, 2010

Wedding Maps

Small maps tucked inside a wedding invitation may not make sense to out of state guests at first glance, but become indispensable on The Big Day when they start down a straight road that says “Virginia Beach Boulevard” and soon find it has morphed into something called “Laskin Road.”  Start from the major freeway closest to your ceremony site and map the location from there.

Everyone one of course will want to know your reception site (location of the promised Grilled Beef Tenderloin on Scotch Barley Risotto), affordable hotels and well-loved restaurants, your rehearsal dinner location, morning-after brunch (ditto for the Apple Crepes with Vanilla Sauce). And by all means, add extra information to the directions including what street means you've gone too far.

Aug 10, 2010

Daisy Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes

Daisy wedding cakes - so light and lovely for a spring bridal shower, luncheon or afternoon tea. Sweetopia offers easy to follow instructions on how to make gum paste daisies. They recommend making daisies out of gum paste rather than fondant for two reasons - they hold their shape better, and the detail is amazing. Unlike fondant, gum paste is made of egg whites, shortening and confectioner's sugar, that dries hard and makes the flowers (edible but not especially tasty) easy to remove.

white and yellow daisy cupcakes
yellow daisy wedding cake
daisy wedding cupcakes
Charming Daisy Cupcakes
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Aug 5, 2010

Engraved Beach Pebbles

Engraved beach pebbles - wouldn't these make the perfect little thank you for coming to our wedding gift? Imagine the surprise when instead of receiving the usual candle or coaster, your guests are treated to a smooth beach pebble, a frosty white or natural river rock perfectly engraved with their very own names. Research shows we all light up at the sound of our own names, we're funny that way. These personalized engraved pebbles, a truly one of a kind keepsake, will cost you $680 for a set of eighty with a $40 shipping fee. Not the most affordable wedding favor, but one that will last a lifetime. The sacred art of stone engraving - share it with the ones you love most.

personalized engraved pebbles

engraved pebble favors
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