May 24, 2016

Rustic Wooden Wedding Cake Topper

The real beauty of these rustic wooden cake toppers are created by a country-loving Alabama husband and wife who repurpose downed trees, slice them into nice, thick 2.5 inch rings and use a wood burning process to create a keepsake so warm and genuine. Based on the natural beauty and imperfections of real wood, this photo is just a sample of what you might expect.


May 23, 2016

I Survived My Daughter's Wedding Glasses

This incredibly funny "I survived my daughter's wedding" gift includes both a laser etched 19.5 ounce beer glass and 11 ounce wine glass. And let's say your daughter's wedding was a walk in the park compared to your granddaughter's, who insisted on an extravagant decorative display of fresh exotic fruit, filet mignon and lobster medallions with cabernet sauce - they have a pair of laser etched wedding glasses for you too. For only $25. Also available at the same price - two wine glasses or two beer glasses (gift box is optional). All are dishwasher safe and make a fun and memorable wedding keepsake for parents and grandparents.


May 4, 2016

Breathtaking Bohemian Wedding Tablescapes

A bohemian style wedding - what does it mean? Any and everything from mismatched plates, vintage goblets and glassware. Rustic wooden tables and thrift store vases spilling over with hand-picked wildflowers. What kind grow in your area? Here are the beautiful free blooms we see on hills and highways almost everywhere in the United States:
  • Columbine
  • Coneflowers
  • Buttercups
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Primrose
  • Foxglove
  • Daisies
  • Sweet Peas
  • Periwinkle
  • Queen Anne's Lace
  • Iris
  • Geranium
  • Coreopsis
  • Honeysuckle

Succulents give this table setting a Southwestern vibe.
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